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Sunday, November 29, 2015

World's Okayest Runner

The funniest thing happened to me over the past 17 weeks. I took this time to slowly build up my mileage to run in the Tryon Half Marathon, and during this time, all my training went well. I didn't get sick, or injured. I stuck with the plan, and I completed the half marathon distance on Saturday November 14th. 

This was probably the slowest half marathon of my life, but it doesn't matter. I had a blast. Bart ran with me the entire run. We laughed, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and we got to cheer on lots of runners on this out and back course. 

The plan to work my way back to running this distance is probably the simplest training on the planet, no speed work, just mileage based. Scratched out on a piece of paper, I figured I could run 4 days a week with my work schedule. To kept the training on the conservative side, I ran at a conversational pace and walked all the up hills. 

For the longest time, I felt like I wasn't seeing any progress. I walked the hills because I had to, but I figured if I just kept moving forward, I would at least be covering the distance. Eventually things started to feel easier, and I could walk faster on the up hill portions. 

So, with this accomplishment behind me, I will continue to use the highest mileage week as a base, and slowly start to jog portions of the hills. Right now I feel like the world's okayest runner, and I'm happy with that!

Happy Running!


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Race to the Taps Sierra Nevada Brewing Company 4 Miler

It's been so long since we've participated in a road race event that I would have to look back through our blog to figure out when it was, doh! 

We learned about the Race to the Taps 4 miler from one of my coworkers who had signed up for the entire series, but because of her new position at work, would not be able to attend. She was pretty bummed about it, and was looking to give her bib away to anyone interested.  After hearing her talk about the series and the upcoming Sierra Nevada Brewing Company race, I was definitely interested, and thought it would fit in perfect and add some fun to my mileage base training. Not wanting to run with someone else's bib however, I contacted the race director, and it was a simple swap to make me legit in the race, and Bart decided to sign up too.

Race start:10:00, partly sunny, 55 degrees

Over the past 15 weeks, I've been conservatively building my mileage up trying to get back in shape. My base training has consisted of easy jogging with walking all the up hills. My plan today was to run a little harder but still walk the hills.  

For this Halloween run, Bart and I wore our Super Hero costumes. We planned on running together, but at the start of the race, he slowly started to move closer, and closer toward the front, and then I saw a little spark in his eye. I said, "You don't have to wait on me. Go see what you can do today". He said, "Are you sure?", and that was the last I saw of the SuperBart, his bright red cape flapping behind him.

Bart captured this shot of me on the final down hill stretch

This was a great event.  Except for the little kid that was running behind me and said, "Hey Dad, shouldn't Supergirl be running faster than that?" And his dad replied as they past me, "yea, but some people feel super in the beginning, and they start too fast. The hills always get them." 
...I curse you both!

Runners heading toward the finish line

The highlight of the day was that I just happened to have with me a doggie poop bag just as a lady's dog dropped a squat, and lady was looking around like great, now what do I do.  As I handed her the bag she said, "Supergirl, you've come to save the day!"

Post race hang out

The race really was awesome, well organized, and started on time. The course was scenic and the Sierra Nevada facility and grounds are beautiful. The only down side was at the start. There were only 4 Porta Potties for over 500 runners that signed up for the event. Fortunately, we come equipped for such a tragedy, but that will be for another post. 

SuperBart feeling right at home back on the trails

We felt so good after the run that we kept right on running on the trails on the Sierra Nevada grounds. Wish they had about 5 miles of trails like this! 

Beautiful fall colors

Total mileage for the day is about 8 miles. My long run will be tomorrow which will firmly put me at a nice base to work from.

A bridge on top of a bridge. It's like a treadmill: a floor on top of a floor.

Well that about wraps it up. Up coming plans are Tryon Half Marathon November 14th and for Bart, Paris Mountain 50k the following weekend. 

Super hero parting words: And remember boys and girls, always brush your teeth!

Happy Running!
Eve & Bart