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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Not your average four legged running buddy

When I think of a furry four legged running companion, man's best friend is what comes to mind, but during the past year, we met two of the coolest four legged running buddies.

First up is this cute little guy.  We met this running buddy last May at the Cradle to the Grave race. His owners told us he loves to hang out with the family dogs, he's treated as one of the pack, and joins them on all their runs. His long distance runs are 5 miles...

Second up is Java. We met Java in January at the Frosty Foot 50k where owner Leah and Java were the "sweep crew" for the event. Owners Leah and Jay brought Java from Leadville, Colorado to their new home in Brevard. Java is an ultra-runner and has covered distances up to 50 miles.

So there you have it, a couple of awesome running companions! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway Run

We took advantage of running on the Blue Ridge Parkway today since it was closed due to our recent ice storm.  The key to running on the Parkway is to time it so the road's not cleared off enough to be open for traffic and yet cleared off enough to be runnable.

The Mountains to Sea trail was like a stream of ice...

Most of the Parkway was clear with several patches of ice, but still areas where we could get around it...

This is an old service road that leads up to the top of Busbee Mountain.  It's on a portion that's owned by the Biltmore Properties and just up the road from here, it's fenced off.  It's no secret to Bart that some day I want to get around the fence and head to the top of the mountain on this road...

Off the side of the parkway, we came across this beautiful discarded Christmas Tree still hanging on to its needles and beautiful green color, so we decided to prop it up and sing, "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches!"

The moss is hanging on to its beautiful green color also...

We were just commenting of how we felt like we had the entire road to ourselves, when out of the blue...

...there's Paul and his shiny new Garmin.  We're not going to talk about what happened to the old one. Bart's saying, "Hey, I got one just like yours!"

...and Annette and two of their doggies and some good old fashioned doggie meet and greet! (sorry I cut your head off Annette)

...and a short break to get a snuggle hug from the boy.

The boys get down to business as we head for home...

lets get er done...

When we got home, we wrapped it all up with delicious recovery smoothie.  Mmmmm, this was a perfect day!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Moonlight Moonshine 10K, July 11, 2015

We're gonna get our SHINE ON! This event just sounds like flat out family fun!  We're working on getting some of our family members to come out and join us for this one by bribing them with RC Cola and Moon Pies!

The Annual Moonlight Moonshine 10K & Half pint FUN! Run/Walk (All ages welcomed) hosted at the Tassee Shelter Greenway Park on the evening of July 11th.

Race day registration begins at 4:30PM
Half Pint FUN! Run/Walk starts at 5PM
Moonlight Moonshine 10K starts at 5:30PM
10K Awards: Overall Male & Female
1st-3rd age division winners
Half Pint Awards: 1st & 2nd overall boy & girl-Each "Half Pint" racer will receive a completion award
Event shirts are limited to the first 100 registered racers

All finishers will receive a true Southern Tradition! RC Cola & Moon Pie

Register on here