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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Run at Paris Mountain State Park

Today we went back to Paris Mountain State Park to run the same 7 ish mile loop that we ran this past weekend. This time we left Shadow at home so we could really focus on all aspects of the trail without any distractions. Also running on a Wednesday was a heck of a lot quieter than running on Sunday.  I think today we only had two cyclist pass us. So what does this all mean? You may have already guessed it...

Bart's 50 mile run! Hopefully we (ok, me) will remain healthy, the moon and stars will be lined up, and it will be nice weather!

In hind sight, we're kind of glad we didn't make it to the Table Rock Ultra 50 miler. Although I would have rather not got a blood clot in my arm, It's all worked out for the best. Turns out that Table Rock was a killer course. The winner of the race took two hours longer to complete the distance than he had expected.

Paris Mountain 50 miler will still be a tough race, but Bart and I will be able to see each other much more often.  The 50 mile runners will run the course 7 times, so crewing for Bart will be a breeze!

Currently, there are 23 runners registered to run the entire 50 mile distance, 4 teams registered for the 4 person relay, and 3 teams for the 2 person relay.  There is also a 50 km race which has 11 runners entered. So now, it's just wait and see...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Paris Mountain State Park Trail Run

A little less than an hour from home is Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, SC.  We recently read about this park, and we spent the morning there enjoying the trails and beautiful fall colors.

We took the course marked in red

We ended up running/jogging/hiking a 7.3 mile loop around Lake Placid, Mountain Creek Trail and Sulphur Springs Trail. With the morning temperature about 15 degrees warmer than Asheville, we think this will be a great alternative for running when our at home temps dip below freezing.

Lake Placid
Although at first we absolutely loved this park, we quickly realized a lot of other people do too. This place is super popular with just about everyone. There were cyclist, hikers, families with kids and dogs, and it got to a point where it seemed like we were constantly stepping to the side off the trail to make way. So with taking the popularity of the park into consideration, we'll probably keep any future trips to middle of the week adventures.

one of the coolest bird houses we've ever seen

uhhhh what?

Dam leading up to Mountain Lake

Some of the trails are pretty nice like this one and some are very technical

Still lots of beautiful fall colors

1400 foot of climbing on this loop

Happy running!

Congratulations Dolly McLean!

Congratulations Dolly on your first place overall female finish at the Flight of the Vampire 10 km. Unfortunately the race only gave awards to the top 3 finishers (which were guys) and age groups. Dolly came in 7th overall and was the first  female to cross the finish line. Dolly you are such an inspiration to so many of us, and we are so very proud of you!