Monday, June 11, 2012

Mountains to Sea Trail: Hard Times, Shut In, Bent Creek Gap Road.

Ooh la la, vacation Monday long run! We headed out this morning on an approx 14 mile loop run starting at the entrance of the North Carolina Arboretum, Hard Times Trail to Shut In Trail to Bent Creek Gap Road... 

Does vacation start the Saturday after the last day of work or the Monday that you have off work?  Either way, my vacation is off to a great start!  We decided to take a longer run this morning.  The weather was perfect.  Started out with a light rain as we climbed up Hard Times Trail to the Shut In Trail. There we topped out in the clouds.  On the way back down Bent Creek Gap Road, we had partly sunny skies and a nice breeze to keep us cool.  I think I could do this everyday.  It's so therapeutic!

We have lots of pictures to share with you of our run.  We also made a video of the highlights, but we made one big mistake of not taking our GoPro camera and used our Nikon camera instead, so we're not very happy about how the video turned out. We tried You Tube's "stabilizer", and it's kind of psychedelic looking, but get's a little better after the first minute. We love the music we selected for it, so we decided to post it anyway!  Pictures are after video...

Hard Times Trail
Shut In Trail
Over grown section of  Shut In Trail
Shut In Trail
Beautiful ferns
Right turn on to Bend Creek Gap Road
Bent Creek Gap Road
Right turn off of Bent Creek Gap Road onto Campground Connector Trail
Camp Ground Connector Trail
Lake Powhatan
Campground Connector Trail puts us back onto Bent Creek Gap Road.  This is one of many side trails that go back and forth off the Road
Bent Creek Trail
Bent Creek Trail
Bent Creek Gap Road
Last trail back to the parking area!

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